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Features:   Auto transmission   2015-2019 or newer   V8/V10 

Do you want the same no-nonsense simplicity as our Edelweiss, but need a little more room and sleeping for up to four? Then the Bunkhouse is for you. Perfect for your fishing crew or camping comrades. Get your gear in, get your adventure on and bunk up at the end of the day. Included with rental: Mag-Lite flashlight, First-Aid Kit, dining table, hand broom + dustpan

Campervan North America information

Campervan North America LLC believes there is a better way to vacation. We see what's lacking in current vehicle rental offerings and we have a solution for those with a sense of adventure -- those who want to get off the beaten path and do it in an environmentally responsible fashion. To that end:
  • Our fleet averages 20 miles per gallon
  • Our campervans are set up for low-impact camping
And we believe travel should be easy on the nerves:
  • All of our campervans are late model vehicles with low miles
  • Our fleet is much easier to drive than a typical RV / motor home
  • Our Edelweiss campervan makes a great car rental alternative that will save on lodging
  • We rent many accessories that are difficult to fly with
  • Campervan North America’s entire staff is committed to helping you have the best vacation possible
Campervan North America LLC believes, like you, in conservation, sustainability and a level of customer service not normally found in the vehicle rental industry. Campervan North America LLC is a proud member of 1% For The Planet, an alliance of companies that recognizes the inherent connection between business and the environment. Happy camping,
Bob Swan
President & Founder

Campervan North America Rental Terms

General Restrictions Age The minimum age for the rental of the Two4theroad, Clanhauler and Treasure Chaser is 25, the Edelweiss is 21 (younger with authorization only) and the maximum age is 79 years for all vans.   Pets Pets are allowed in our campervans, with an additional Cleaning Fee. The fee is US$90.00 for the Clanhauler, Two4TheRoad, and Treasure Chaser. The fee is US$45.00 for the Edelweiss.   Smoking Smoking is not allowed in any campervan. If it is discovered that smoking was done in a van, renter will be responsible for all charges required for returning the van to normal, odorless condition, the minimum being US$250.00.     Travel Restrictions Mexico Traveling into Mexico is not permitted. There is no insurance coverage in Mexico.   Death Valley Traveling into Death Valley is permitted. Do so at your own risk in the summer.    Alaska Traveling within Alaska, Yukon and/or Northwest Territories is permitted, but Campervan North America must be notified at the time of reservation.   Winterization Vehicles could be winterized between November 1st and March 31st, depending on the pick-up location (period may be longer depending on pick-up location and weather conditions). It is not possible to use the water/waste systems during this time or when outside temperatures are below freezing.   Other Driving is allowed on all maintained roads. This includes gravel roads, where the road is smooth and well maintained. However, the Renter is liable for any tank damage that occurs, whether it be on paved or gravel roads. Renter is also liable for any accidents or breakdowns that occur on paved or gravel roads.  Renter is also liable for any flat tires on gravel roads.         Terms   Payment Terms
  • Payment for rental charges and other charges must be received 30 days prior to departure.
  • Without payment “in full" the Campervan will not be released to the Renter.
  • If payments are not received when due, Campervan North America reserves the right to cancel the reservation without notice.
  • Payments in U.S. currency or checks: Checks must be drawn on a North American bank payable to Campervan North America. Bank service charges are the responsibility of the paying party.
  • Local Taxes are due and payable in addition to the rental and/or purchase price. These Taxes vary depending on the location and may change during the year without prior notice (see below).
  • Personal Checks, VISA and MasterCard are accepted.
  Taxes Montana 4% on Edelweiss, Treasure Chaser, and Bunkhouse rentals, and their set up/cleaning fees             0% on Two4theroad, Clanhauler, and all Misc. Items and other charges Washington             16.5% Las Vegas             8.15% Colorado 8.75% Florida             To Be Announced Booking Changes One free change per booking can be made up to 45 days prior to pick-up, US$50.00 for any additional changes made thereafter. Cancellations There is an $85.00 cancellation fee on any cancellation outside of 60 days. On cancellations within 60 days of your pick up date, you will not be refunded your down payment unless we are able to fill the dates you had reserved, in which case we will refund you as much as possible.
  •  62 calendar days or more prior to rental date — US$85.00
  •  61 to 33 calendar days prior to rental date — The full down payment, plus any applicable one-way fee
  •  32 to 18 calendar days prior to rental date — 50% of the total invoice less security deposit, plus any applicable one-way fee
  •  17 to 0 calendar days prior to rental date — 100% of the total invoice less security deposit, plus any applicable one-way fee
Refunds Refunds will not be given in the following cases:
  • Vehicle is returned prior to the contracted drop-off date?
  • Prepaid miles are unused?
  • Renter arrives late to pick up the campervan or does not show up at all
Shuttle Service & Transportation We do not provide airport pick-ups due to the fact we strive to have locations very near the respective airports. We will provide shuttles to designated hotels. Vehicle Pick-Up Pick-Up Time:
  • Pick-up time is 2:30 PM- 6:00 PM.
  • Earlier pick-ups may be possible, but only will be promised 3 days in advance of the pick-up date.
Security Deposit
  • Campervan North America requires a security deposit of US$750.00 with final invoice.
  • Additional deposits may be required for special events e.g. 'Burning Man' or Alaska trips.
  • Security Deposit is due with the final payment.
  • Credit Card holder must be present at the time of campervan pick-up.
  • Drop-off charges and/or damages will be charged to the credit card.
  • Campervan North America has up to 5 days to refund the security deposit.
For all bookings that pick up and drop off between 23 August 23 and September 8 from Las Vegas will incur a compulsory surcharge.   Driver's License A valid national driver's license is required for each driver at the time of pick-up. An international driver's license is recommended for foreign Renters but not required.   Vehicle Substitution If for any reason the booked campervan should not be available, Campervan North America reserves the right to substitute a higher-rated campervan at no additional cost.   Mileage Miles are .40 per mile.  We also sell pre-purchased non-refundable mileage packages. 500 Mile Package-      $180.00 250 Mile Package-      $ 95.00   One Ways With No Drop Fees Campervan North America offers free no drop one ways 28 Nights minimum - Rentals between Orlando and either Las Vegas, Denver, Bozeman or Seattle 21 nights minimum - On rentals starting and ending at either Bozeman, Seattle, Las Vegas or Denver   One Ways With Drop Fees Between Bozeman, MT, Seattle, WA, Denver, CO, or Las Vegas NV One Ways from 13-20 nights: Edelweiss $500 Treasure Chaser/Bunkhouse $700 Two4theroad/Clanhauler $900   Between Orlando and Bozeman, MT, Seattle, WA, Denver, CO, or Las Vegas NV 20-27 nights Edelweiss $700 Treasure Chaser/Bunkhouse $1100 Two4theroad/Clanhauler $1300     Operating the Campervan – Renter Responsibilities   Gasoline/Diesel, Oil, and Waste Tanks: The cost of propane, gasoline or diesel, and oil are not included and Campervan North America does not assume responsibility for estimates of consumption. All vehicles are delivered with full tanks and the Renter is expected to return the campervan with full tanks or will be charged for the refueling plus a service fee. This will be the cost of the fuel plus a US$30.00 service fee. Un-emptied grey and black water tanks will result in a $100 fee per tank.    Maintenance: Renter is responsible for checking engine oil and coolant levels at each refueling as well as reporting mechanical failures immediately. Coolant refills and authorized repairs will be reimbursed upon return of the campervan and presentation of all receipts (see Mechanical Breakdown). It is the driver's responsibility to operate the campervan in a safe manner and to exercise all caution possible. Also, on vehicles that require DEF fluid, Campervan North America will have it full on your departure, but you are responsible for filling it if need be. This will only be necessary on very long trips over 5,000 miles. The DEF fluid does not have to be refilled by the Renter upon the campervan’s return.   Mechanical Breakdown/Repairs:
  • For repairs exceeding US$50.00 call Campervan North America. We will research and rectify the situation as quickly as possible. Non-authorized repairs exceeding US$50.00 will not be reimbursed. Receipts must be presented to Campervan North America for reimbursement. Renter will be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in operation and/or maintenance. Renters are required to cooperate fully with Campervan North America to remedy any problem.
  • Defects on Radio/CD/DVD/GPS, generator, air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave, cruise control, etc. are not considered to be mechanical breakdowns and excluded from refunds.
  In the Event of an Accident:
  • The Renter must obtain a local police report as provided by the attending police officer investigating the accident.
  • Campervan North America must be notified as soon as possible. A full-written report along with the other party's name, address, phone number, insurance information and driver's license number on the supplied accident report form will be required upon return of the campervan. Damage and accident scene pictures should be taken and provided if at all possible.
  • All documents relating to the accident must include a police report number or identifying number.
  • Insurance coverage may be void if the above instructions are not followed.
  Parking/Traffic Violations: It is the Renter’s responsibility to report and pay for all parking/traffic violations at check-in. Failing to report these violations at drop-off will cause a charge of an administrative fee of up to US$100.00 plus the fine (including all late charges) to the Renter’s credit card. Any toll road charges not paid for will result in a US$15.00 per incident service fee.   Vehicle Return Drop-off Time:
  • Campervan must be dropped off by 10:30 AM.
  • Late drop-offs are sometimes allowed and will not be approved more than 3 days prior to the drop-off date.
  • Charges for late campervan return or unauthorized extension of the rental period: US$100.00 per hour or US$800.00 per day (plus applicable rental charges). The regular rental rates apply only with proper authorization through Campervan North America prior to a rental extension.
  • The Renters are advised to return the campervan with the interior cleaned, dishes cleaned, and holding tanks dumped to avoid any cleaning/dumping charges.
  • Additional miles will be charged at US$0.40 per mile plus local tax, unless additional mileage packages are purchased.
                Insurance   Insurance Coverage Note: There is a US $2,000.00 deductible for all Accidental Damages. Deductible applies per accident or damage and not per rental.   Collision Damage Waiver: The CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) can be purchased from Campervan North America. The cost is $12/day on the Edelweiss, and $24/day on the Treasure Chaser, Bunkhouse, Two4theroad and Clanhauler. This allows you to be insured under our policy, and reduces your liability from our deductible of $2,000.00 to $500.00 in case of damage and also is required for us to assume the risk on your rental.  What this does not give you much coverage for is liability, as our policy only meets state limits, which are very small. (Compulsory without proof of insurance)   Supplemental Liability Insurance (Optional): Campervan North America rental policy provides the Renter with state minimum liability coverage. Liability is coverage for damage the Renter does to a third person or a third person’s property (i.e. if Renter is at fault in the accident, this pays for the damaged person and/or property).   If Renter hits someone they may be liable for any damage exceeding the state minimum limits. If they significantly injure someone or something the coverage may not be adequate. In states like CA, it is US$15,000 bodily injury per person/US$30,000 bodily injury per amount over US$15,000.   For US$14.95/day the Renter can purchase Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI), which raises their liability from the state minimum limits to up to US$1,000,000 bodily injury liability and up to US$50,000 property damage liability.   SLI is excess coverage, which means it provides coverage beyond your underlying liability coverage.   If towing liability is not provided by the Renter’s policy, SLI will not replace this coverage.   Purchase SLI at To purchase this, you will need Campervan North America’s account number which is: 501120   MBA Insurance, Inc. 8383 E Evans Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 Phone: (480) 946-1066 Fax: (480) 946-0288   Campervan Locations and Travel Destinations   Campervan North America has four locations, all of which can provide a multitude of opportunities for your camping holiday.   1. Bozeman, Montana Note: Our Bozeman location is open 7 days per week from May 1 until October 15.   In the heart of Big Sky Country, Bozeman is the northern gateway to Yellowstone National Park. In addition to Yellowstone, Bozeman is a great starting point for the following destinations:       Bozeman is also super simple as far as getting supplied and down the road, with our location being a mile from a grocery store, which is right on US Interstate Highway 90. Also the distance from the airport is convenient as well, being around 3 miles. Also, we regularly have our guests stay in inexpensive public land campgrounds within 45 minutes of our location.   Getting to Bozeman Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is serviced by the following airlines:
  • Delta?
  • United
  • Alaskan?
  • Frontier?
  • Allegiant?
  The following provides routing options for getting here conveniently and simply:   Delta For Bozeman, Delta is probably the airline with the most options. Its major regional hubs are both Salt Lake City, UT and Minneapolis, MN. There are numerous connecting flights from both airports here daily. In addition, there are seasonal routes from Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles, CA, and a Saturday flight from New York’s La Guardia.   United United serves Bozeman with daily non-stop flights to Denver, Colorado. United also offers seasonal daily non-stop service to Chicago O'Hare, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Seasonal service to New York / Newark operates Wed/Sat/Sun in the summer and weekends during the winter. Houston operates Sat/Sun in the summer and winter.   Allegiant Allegiant serves Bozeman with twice weekly non-stop service to Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix/Mesa, Arizona. This airline has relevancy with customers who want to do one ways, and get back to Las Vegas for their return flight. It is a discount airline with service only on Thursday and Sunday. The customer is charged for all baggage and overhead bin space.   Alaskan Airlines Alaska Airlines serves Bozeman with daily non-stop service to Seattle/Tacoma and, during the summer, non-stop service to Portland, OR.   Frontier Airlines Frontier Airlines serves Bozeman with daily non-stop flights to Denver, Colorado.                                         2. Las Vegas, Nevada Note: Our Las Vegas location is open year around, aside from being closed on Thanksgiving, Dec. 24-26, New Years Eve and Day, and Easter Sunday.   Sin City, even though it is not known for camping, makes an outstanding launch point for any adventure in the desert southwest or California. Located a few miles from McCarren International Airport, it provides access to the following destinations:       All of the major US airlines have a strong presence in Las Vegas, as do many international airlines. With most of the major US airlines, there is going to be a stop required from Europe.   Non-Stop Flights London:          Virgin Atlantic, Delta, or British Air Switzerland:   from Zurich on Edelweiss Air Frankfurt:      Condor Airlines                             3. Seattle, Washington Campervan North America is very excited to open a new location in 2016 in Seattle, WA.  This location is going to complement our existing locations, and with our free no drop fee on rentals of 21 days or longer, can provide some wonderful one-way rentals.    Close proximity to:     In addition to these great National Parks, this location provides access to the wonderful coastal parks of Washington and Oregon and also provides great access to Vancouver Island and also SW British Columbia.    With our no drop fee specials to Bozeman, MT your customers could visit the above parks plus:
  • Banff
  • Jasper
  • Glacier
  • Yellowstone
  • Grand Teton
  En route to Las Vegas, NV your customers could visit the above parks plus:  
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Sequoia National Park
  • Redwood National Park
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Mt. Lassen National Park
  • Joshua Tree National Park
  • Death Valley National Park
  • Kings Canyon National Park
  • Point Reyes National Seashore
  Seattle Tacoma International Airport also has direct flights from all over the world. Notable non-stops from Europe include:
  Non-Stop Flights Amsterdam:   KLM and Delta London           Heathrow: Virgin Atlantic, Delta, and British Airways Frankfurt:      Lufthansa, and Condor Paris:              Delta   4. Denver, Colorado-Closing 11/1/17-3/31/18 Campervan North America is very excited to announce the opening of our new location in Denver! It’s the gateway to the Rockies and all the mountainous, forested, majestic adventuring Colorado has to offer.   Close proximity to:
Rocky Mountain National Park 77 miles
Mesa Verde National Park 391 miles
Great Sand Dunes National Park 226 miles
Black Canyon of the Gunnison Nat’l Park 251 miles
    Denver International Airport also has direct flights from all over the world. Notable non-stops from Europe include:
  Non-Stop Flights London:         Heathrow: British Airways; Gatwick: Norwegian Air Frankfurt:     Lufthansa Munich:          Lufthansa Tokyo:            United                                                   5. Orlando, Florida – New Location! Opens on 11/1/17 Campervan North America is very excited to open a new location in 2017(?) in Orlando, Florida!   Close proximity to:
Everglades National Park 211 miles
Biscayne National Park 391 miles
Walt Disney World 18 miles
    Orlando International Airport also has direct flights from all over the world. Notable non-stops from Europe include:
  London           Virgin Atlantic, Delta, British Airways, Condor Frankfurt:      United, Lufthansa Paris:              Norwegian Air Manchester:   Delta, Thomas Cook, Virgin Atlantic Dublin:           Aer Lingus, United
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